Story behind Scentz

The idea of creating TSC came from our founder after visiting the beautiful country of Thailand.
Whilst travelling around he was captivated by both the variety and the effect of the scents used by hotels, offices, and car fanatics alike.
He went to work on designing scents that would inspire, transform, and recreate environments, combining both fine fragrances with stylish designs.
Sakini himself said: “I want people to enjoy and experience what I did, our products perform as well as they look.
We have sourced the finest ingredients from around the world to create an eclectic range of scents. Each fragrance has a point of origin.
We have selected specific countries where we believe they have a vivid sensory affect.”

Our Passion

We have got an amazing team with profound sense of smell, and our partners alongside curators have an enthusiastic sense of combining only the finest ingredients to create the deluxe scents.
We are going to continue crafting new scents, developing and innovating with new products in order to bring you only the finest scent experience from around the globe!
We love all our scents! Why not let us know which one is your favourite?

Product DNA

Poly Card

Upgrade your scent experience with The Scentz Company’s high-end Poly Cards. Superior design paired with premium materials deliver our signature rich, warm fragrance. Each card contains 5ml of liquid

Mist Spray

Enjoy The Scentz Company’s signature scents with our luxurious oil-based mist sprays. A pure, intense, and rich scent experience made available in a compact 60ml bottle fitting easily into glove and side compartments. Shop our full selection of alluring scents.


The Scentz Company has partnered with FYD to design a bold and immersive new Beanbag that draws upon distinctive premium materials and design to create a minimalist and captivating scent bag. The bag material derives from the Jute plant and contains soaked EVA fragrance and charcoal beads, the result, the removal unwanted odour and the creation of a subtle, luxurious scent experience.

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